La Torre, Costa Rica

La Torre's Habitat

Jardin La Torre is located at the junction of several bio zones, linking Cloud Forest with the Central Valley and the Pacific Coast. This advantage provides the best of the exotic and alluring verdure of Costa Rica.

We have constructed paths and landscaped the terrain to exhibit the immense richness of Costa Rica's flora and fauna. Almost all plants are native to Costa Rica and especially to the Central Valley area.

We highlight bromeliads, heliconias (and their interesting cousins of the banana family), epiphytes, and strange as it may seem in a cloud forest environment, cacti.

Lower Gardens

The lower gardens consist of rock wall gardens with many colorful and native plants, plus views of the adjacent natural growth.

Bromeliad Garden

Recently created, the bromeliad garden allows us to showcase the diversity of plants that Costa Rica offers.

Cactus Garden

Generally in Costa Rica, it rains six months of the year. The remaining six months, it's dry. Our microclimate is ideal for cacti and agaves, as well as the lush cloud forest plants.

Linear Garden

The mountainous slope of our land has given us an ideal gardening area along the waterway which stretches from the top to the bottom of our property. This water-feature garden showcases heliconias, gingers, and hibiscus.

Upper Gardens

The upper half of Jardin La Torre is a horticultural display garden, nursery, and natural growth area. We are proud of our reforestation attempts. In 2013, we added an additional 50 native tree seedlings to the already lush growth. Visit our Gallery to see more.